Climbing in ALPS

  • Piz Badile via Cassin (TD, 6a, 800m) – “We’ve climbed it on 23 July 2012 , slept at the refuge which is 100 m away from Piz Badile summit and descended next day by rappeling via Norkdante.” (… read more )
  • Le Fil à Plomb (TD-, III, 4+, M4, 700m) – “After climbing Ginat, we still had some time for a one-day route. So, on 31 March 2012 we’ve aimed for “Le Fil à Plomb” in Rognon du Plan, see the topo here. It’s a 700 m ice route, in the Aig du Midi N Face. (… read more)
  • Ginat, Les Droites (TD+, V, M4+, 1000m) – “In the last week of March 2012, I was in the Alps with Silvia. Our main objective was Ginat in Les Droites. Topo for Ginat and more info about this superb route (approach, descent, slope inclination, difficulty, length) you can find…” (… read more)
  • Grand Capucin, Swiss Direct (TD+ /VII/ 300m) – “At 5.30 in the morning we got up, and left our tents by 6.30 am. There were other teams already in front of us crossing the bergschrund, but we hopped they will climb other routes in Grand Capucin. Unfortunately, 7 teams (including us) entered that day on the same route (“Swiss Direct”) while other two teams started on ”O sole mio” and other team started on “Bonatti”. (… read more )
  • Cecchinel-Nomine/Boivin-Vallencant – Grand Pilier d’Angle ( TD+/ED1, 5c, A1, 900 m) – “This is a 900 m mixed route situated in the NE face of GPA (Grand Pilier d’Angle- 4308 m), that starts from the Brenva Glacier up to the top of GPA. From the summit of GPA you still have to climb 500 m to the top of Mont Blanc(4810m), which makes this route a major undertaking.” (… read more)
  • Peuterey Integral ( TD+ / 3 / 5c /VI ) – “Climbing Aig Noire South Ridge (the first section of Peuterey Integral ) where you have some steps of 5c with a big backpack it’s quite demanding. We managed to keep our backpacks under 10 kg and it was the right way to do it. ” (… read more )
  • Zmutt ridge, Matterhorn (D, III+) – “Between 8-9 Sept 2009, together with Silvia Murgescu we have climbed Matterhorn North-West ridge, aka “Zmutt”, starting from Schonbiel hut. For descend, we’ve rappelled down the Hornli ridge.” (… read more )